Should we look to Ligue 1 to revitalise our squad? (Originally “Rebirth” on – 26/8/11)

Posted on January 17, 2012


On the 24th of August we recorded one of the most important wins in the last six years, 2-1 (3-1 on aggregate) against Udinese Calcio. People are saying (and truthfully so) that this win will see Wenger step up to the plate and bring in the players we need to continue as a top-four club. However, has Wenger left it too late? The Gervinho transfer took a month to complete, and, despite his good performances, you can tell he hasn’t fully settled into English football. So what does this mean for the likes of Hazard and Martin if they join? Will they be able to adapt in time? I honestly think Wenger has the situation under control, he understands the needs of the team, and even the players themselves have called for improvements to the squad. For example, Chamakh (not that he’s much of a player at the moment) has told the media, and presumably Wenger, that we should sign Yohan Gourcuff (highly unlikely).

I’m not “in the know” so I can’t say who we will definitely sign, but I can say that the following players have a decent (and that’s a strong word when discussing Arsenal transfers) chance of joining our club:

–          Yann M’Vila is a very strong possibility after we have lodged two or threebids for him, Wenger seems adamant on adding depth to his squad. People say having M’Vila would effectively “kill” Frimpong, look at Man City, they seem to do just fine with three defensive/holding midfielders. I know they have stupendous amounts of money, but you get my point, depth doesn’t hurt.

–          Eden Hazard is supposedly joining us for a fee of around £23-26million. This is a statement of intent, and with only a fraction of our budget being spent, you can tell Wenger wants (needs) to spend more. Once again we’re faced with the fact that we have enough wingers as it is: Ryo, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Arshavin (speculation remains over his future) and Gervinho. Strength in depth never hurts.

–          Marvin Martin would be ineligible for the Champions League, but would come at a cut price of around £12-15million as Sochaux (a small club) aren’t in a bargaining position and can’t really expect to keep one of the hottest prospects in European football at their club for much longer. He is the attacking playmaker we need. He may be young, but he can learn from the likes of Rosicky; with the Káká loan deal falling through he seems to fit the bill. Only time will tell.

Finally, I’d just like to add, that in the wake of Nasri’s much celebrated departure, I’ve decided to point out that he is without doubt one of the most inconsistent and disrespectful players in Europe. But then, you already knew that, didn’t you? He said Arsenal fans “lack passion”, that explains why we pay the highest ticket prices in Europe even during the most unimpressive spells of form, just to see the team play. Although, he wouldn’t know what it’s like to pay for things because he was on such peasant-like wages of £60k a week he HAD to find some other way to support him and his family, so a move to a sparkly blue bench in Manchester for £200k per week seemed to fit, because again, our improved offer of £115k a week is not enough.

But enough about Nasri, let’s focus on the future (where Nasri gets owned by Frimpong).
Thanks for reading. Myles Burrell (@MylesBurrell on Twitter).

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